Growing Spam in the Internet World

July 18, 2012 · Posted in Site Info 

Spam from 2007 to 2012

Ever since I started writing on this website, I installed Akismet and today, collected 5 years worth of data. From the trend, spam is growing at a pace that it is slowly spinning out of control. Thanks to Akismet, my website has been kept alive by constantly removing spams, which could potentially overload the server with resource demands.

Simply by looking at the past 24 months of data, we are only at midway through 2012. Already, we have exceeded the volume of spam that was generated in 2011. I expect the volume for 2012 to be doubled.

This is the downside for all website owners who have to live with these spam creators. Be thankful that we still have Akismet – but if one day Akismet decides to charge for using the service, that will be D-day for all website owners.

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