Haircut at the e-Jean

October 12, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

I had a haircut yesterday at one of the hairdresser, e-Jean (not sure if e-Jeans with an “s” or without an “s”). Nevertheless, it was a nice 1-hour session as the hairdress cut my hair. The most exciting and relaxing part of the session has to be the washing of the hair.

I have asked for cut-and-wash. The cost? About $18. The venue is a great place that has just undergone renovation. The ambience is fantastic with a very much homely environment to chit-chat with the staffs. Furthermore, the staffs seem to know everyone that comes into the shop! Great customer service!

The time spent yesterday at the hairdresser, apparently, has to be the best time of the day. Short, but nice…

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