HostMatrix Server Fails Me Again

November 18, 2007 · Posted in Social Networking 

HostMatrix LogoAs a loyal member of HostMatrix, a free web-hosting service, I am disappointed to know today that the server has crashed again, and this time found out that my data is completely gone.

I have no clue whatsoever of why I cannot log in, but as far as I know my data is lost; despite doing regular backups. The only upset is that I had just revamped several sites on the same server, and then this morning, my login credential is not there anymore. How can I not be mad? This is atrocious!

It’s not the loss of revenue that I am complaining at the moment, but rather the waste of effort and time spent on site development. Al, please do something about it…

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2 Responses to “HostMatrix Server Fails Me Again”

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