House of Traditional Javanese Massage Visit

October 22, 2007 · Posted in Anything 

Javanese Massage

The House of Traditional Javanese Massage is not just meant for the ladies – in fact, when I first chatted up with the receptionist, I was told that as much as women who goes to the massage parlour, as men do.

Yesterday (Saturday), I decided to pay a visit to this exotic place after recommended by a friend that it should be a worthwhile trip, if I want to look for a relaxing weekend.

After finding out more information, I realised that there are more than one branch in Singapore (see the bottom of this page).

I decided that the nearest branch will be my destination – that is the Changi Branch. There was several packages to choose from – since massage is my main purpose, I opted for a whole body massage, and also included a body scrub on top of it.

Led into a room, covered with only a cloth, I was told to change into a pair of boxer and lie on top of the bed. After which, the body scrub began. The session took roughly half an hour, and it was sensational.

After taking a shower to clean off the scrub and changed into a clean pair of boxer, I was led into another room, which I began my massage session. The masseur used herbal oil on my body. The massage session took me approximately one hour, and I can feel really relaxed after the session, albeit a few painful joint. But it was great.

The cost?
Body Scrub – $25 (for 30 minutes)
Full Body Massage – $50 (for 60 minutes)

In total, it is $75 for the full 90 session. On top of that, I was given a 20% discount after recommendation, so it was only $60!




 23 Baghdad Street  
 Singapore 199662  
 Tel: (65) 6298 9978





 324 Changi Road  
 Singapore 419799  
 Tel: (65) 6348 6151  



 717 East Coast Road  
 Singapore 459068  
 Tel: (65) 6448 0072  



 173 East Coast Road  
 Singapore 428879  
 Tel: (65) 6346 0939  





 117 Devonshire Road  
 Singapore 239880  
 Tel: (65) 6235 5106  




 280 River Valley Road  
 Singapore 238321  
 Tel: (65) 6333 8149  




 200 Upp. Thomson Road  
Thomson Imperial Court  
Singapore 574424  
 Tel: (65) 6250 6078  

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