HP 3070A Printer – Good Value for Money

February 27, 2012 · Posted in Inventory 

HP Deskjet 3070AMy printer has been down for the past 2 months and I didn’t pluck up the courage to go and get a new one. The previous brand, Brother, was a disappointment. Eventually, I decided I had enough; it is about time I get a proper printer and I made a trip down to Challenger at Tampines One.

I spent about half an hour browsing through the range of printers; knowing I will go nothing except Hewlett Packard (HP). Finally, the mode I have selected is HP Deskjet 3070A.

It comes with wireless functionality; that is, I am able to connect the printer wireless onto the network and print it off without the use of a USB cable. This is very good, especially if I do not have space for the printer next to my PC, or if I want to place the printer on a common place. The other functionality is ePrint, which allows user to print directly to the printer by sending email to the printer via the web. I have not enabled this feature yet, just want to make sure I understood all the security underlying the connection.

A test print demonstrates that the printer is really renowned for its brand. It is good black quality for those black-and-white. Colour wasn’t that photo-graphic, but it’s good enough considering this is a low end printer selling at US$100 off the high street retail store.

From Challenger, I got a $10 discount as a member. Therefore, I applied for a 2-year membership at $30 to get that discount. No, I am certainly not nuts – the clause here states, if I do not get a saving of $50 within the 2 year period, Challenger will refund me $40. You can do the mathematics, it all makes sense.

Initially, I wanted to go for high-end printer, with duplex printing. On second thought, this is good enough for a basic home office printing.

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