HubSpot Rejects Internet Explorer 8

October 17, 2013 · Posted in Anything 

HubSpot - Inbound MarketingI was recommended by a colleague to read this article on “Inbound Marketing Definition” from HubSpot, well… surprising, it does not allow me to view on my system default browser, that is, Internet Explorer 8. Instead, it directed the page to this site, displaying a few recommended browsers to choose. And one of them is Internet Explorer!

Well, does that make any sense? What if I do not wish to upgrade my web browser to the latest version, or perhaps I am using Microsoft Windows XP, which limits my Internet Explorer to version 8 – remember, the lifespan of Windows XP is yet to expire until next year.

Web Browsers for HubSpot

Anyway, I am surprised that some websites force people to upgrade version of web browsers, before visitors are allowed to read the content. Sometimes, technology just brings people backward.

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