I Have Submitted My Thesis

July 17, 2008 · Posted in Thesis 

Last Tuesday, I have finally submitted my thesis to the examiners! It certainly took me slightly more than a year, since I had my viva. Well, but it’s less than a year spent to edit and restructure the thesis layout; simply because the reply from the examiners came about a month or so later.

The journey to accomplish the final version of the thesis is definitely not easy. It took me, and especially my professor, a lot of effort to reorganise the entire manuscript; not to mention additional research and experiment carried out to prove certain theorems and remarks.

As much as I would really like to mention the name here, but I suppose it should be kept annonymous for the time being, until those who have helped me agreed to have their names published on my blog. Even towards the final day of submission, I was encountering some niggling issues; that is, the Microsoft Word format document on my laptop is showing some strange numbers, i.e. AutoNumLgl commands, which for some reasons cannot be corrected on my system. I have to do the edit on my laptop and then transferred to another compatible laptop to be converted to PDF format – note that, I even tried online PDF converter, which fails as well.

Right now, I am happy to say that the case is now closed on my end and I am staying positive to look ahead from what comes next. The manuscript, or should I say, PDF file is now with the chairperson of my examination committee, who will then send to the two examiners, i.e. internal and external examiners, for final scrutinity. This is probably a one-year of extremely tough work, correcting the chapters, communicating with my professor, ensure that the thesis is at its best quality. I would say that it is a fine collection.

The next thing is, of course, to wait patiently for the result.

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