Interview at Market Street

August 29, 2007 · Posted in Rant Corner 

Interview ClipartI went for a job interview at Market Street yesterday, and that explains why I was not “here” to write any post. It has been raining heavily yesterday afternoon, and luckily I had a small umbrella, which I bought in Nanjing, with me. Yesterday was the first time, since many years, that I wore a proper formal suit, less a tie and a jacket. Feels good!

The job came to me as a surprise – as I hadn’t plan this initially, because I was looking to completing my thesis first before I start seeking something that suits me. However, the job scope for this particular role is rather interesting, which I shall not disclose here. Furthermore, I will be working in a Multi-National Company (MNC), a German-founded company. The environment is definitely a total change from the past working experience which I have been doing, i.e. research-based, teaching and academia. Here, I am more practical in hands-on role to analyse data, which I suppose may somewhat be a challenging task. Anyway, I shall stop here. The result of the interview is not yet confirmed, as there will be more interviewees coming for that job.

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