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ION Orchard is “Devastating”

December 11, 2009 · Posted in Economy 

This afternoon, I had a chance to take a walk inside ION Orchard, the latest shopping mall that storms the media in Singapore over the last few months.

Why do I say it’s devastating? Well, it’s huge! Car parks are located on level 5 and above. There is a floor where Prada and Louis Vutton opened side by side. Furthermore, what’s incredible is the men, dressed formally in suit and jacket, opening the door to welcome the guests.

It indeed is a shopping paradise. Having said that, you can absolutely imagine there were more female forces than their counterparts. High-class restaurants are also fully packed with people. On the other hand, it certainly makes me ponder – where is the economy crisis?

Nevertheless, I briefly spent 15 minutes walking around ION Orchard, just after my lunch at the Far East Plaza. What a sight!

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