Issues with Honda Cars in Singapore

February 18, 2011 · Posted in Economy 

Honda Jazz

In recent years, there were issues with Toyota cars, resulting in the Japanese companies recalling thousands of cars worldwide. This time round, it is Honda. Close to 2,000 cars were recalled in Singapore for repairs for a faulty spring that could cause the engine to fail to restart in the worst scenario. Basically, Honda Jazz, Freed and City models were affected.

Here, owners will be written to immediately and once replacement parts arrive, they will be contacted to bring their cars in for repair by Kah Motor. Each repair will take close to 3 hours and will be free of charge. As of now, it seems that other vehicles model are unaffected.

Affected vehicles are still considered safe to drive, but owners are advised to contact Kah Motor at 6841-3838 if they encounter engine stalling, abnormal engine noise or elevated water temperatures.

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