Jack Neo and 11 Alleged Mistresses

March 10, 2010 · Posted in Entertainment Industry 

Singapore media is really funny. I think they are trying to follow the western style, by trying to dig deep starting from Jack Neo’s affair with Wendy Chong. Recall a few months back when the Tiger Woods rocked the world with over 10 women were reported to have a relationship with him. AsiaOne just did the same to Jack.

Most of the alleged women are between 20s to 40s, mostly related to work. One was even a hotel staff (look at how much the story correlates to that of Tiger Woods’)!

Yesterday, a news reported that a Singapore minister, George Yeo, “supported” Jack Neo. Now, the first thought is – politicians should really stay out of this, unless they want to get themselves into a sticky situation, and it really did. Today’s news in The Straits Times has to clarify that statement, made by George Yeo, which mentioned “support“, that actually refers to counselling. These are just unnecessary, isn’t it? For a moment, it reminds of George Galloway, a UK politician, who participated in one of the Big Brothers reality show. He eventually ended up evicted from the house and had a lot of explanation to do over the air, from the “tasks” that he was been asked to do.

To human is err, but unfortunately, the bigger you are, the impact is bigger. That’s the price to pay being a celebrity.

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