Jack Neo – At the Press Conference

March 12, 2010 · Posted in Entertainment Industry 

Some said it was the pressure of Jack Neo’s manager, others claimed it was because of personal guilt that he wanted to do this. Nevertheless, Jack Neoone-way traffic” press conference this morning at 10am, Singapore time to express his apologies to the public. Why I say it’s a “one-way traffic“, is because there is no question-and-answer session after the end of the conference.

Over 50 members of the press had gathered at an auditorium in Scorpio East Building on Tai Sing Avenue, where Jack Neo’s production house is based. The objective of the conference, as mentioned by Jack’s manager, Mr Tang Wing Fai, is to give the public an explanation and hope that this case will be concluded.

The entire session lasted a couple of minutes – details are splashed across all over the world wide web, I do not have to list them here. Nevertheless, I personally feel that the media should seriously leave them alone. Just because of his celebrity status, do we need to demand an apology from him?

Anyway, it is undoubtedly that since then, his career will take a tumble down the cliff. It will not be easy for him to rebuild his career, given his age and his residence in Singapore. Perhaps, in overseas, it might have been easier. What I’d like to say is – Good Luck!

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