John O’Shea Joins Wes Brown in Sunderland

July 8, 2011 · Posted in English Football 

John O'SheaJust a day after I posted the article that Wes Brown has completed his move to Sunderland, John O’Shea joined him in the league following a successful medical review.

John O’Shea has been one of the most important players during Sir Alex Ferguson’s regime; often slotting in seamlessly into different roles; which ultimately earned him the name as the utility man. His goal contribution has also come at right times when the team needed it.

Of course, the new signings by Manchester United means that the player will drop down in perking order when it comes to first team football. Well, at least he won’t be too bored as Wes Brown will also be there to keep him company at the Black Cats.

Best of luck to both players.

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