Lazy Boring Friday

August 24, 2007 · Posted in Thesis 

Boring Class Picture

Today must have been the laziest Friday that I have been through. I woke up rather early in the morning at about 7, and went to have my breakfast around 8am. By the time I finished, it was about quarter to 9. I have to admit that the day is very lovely, and I have that kind of sleazy mood that blends into the bluish environment.

Yes, it is Friday; for the working class, it is probably the last day of their hectic work week, and for the students, it’s finally the end of enduring rigorous lectures and attending puzzling tutorial sessions. While I have not really begun from where I stop yesterday, I hope to do that soon, as the time is already coming to 2 in the afternoon. Besides, I am wondering how am I going to reach my goal (of clearing Chapter 4 of the thesis) by the end of the day.

Amazing, I have not done anything much for the entire day, and it is now coming to 9 at night. I have probably wasted the day away, but probably I did some other stuffs, such as reorganising my desk. It was kind of messy, but hopefully it is neater now. Well, I shall say no more, better start doing some work now or else, I really won’t start. *sigh*

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