Lim Boon Heng – On Public Transportation

July 29, 2011 · Posted in Economy 

Former Transport MinisterThe former minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, former Labour Chief and former People’s Action Party (PAP) chairman, Lim Boon Heng, has quoted in the news that in order for the quality of service to improve, fare increment is necessary.

… If operators do not make profits, they cannot invest in new buses, leading to a drop in quality of service…

said, Mr Lim. In addition,

… If fares are not raised, it will impact transport workers as they will not be able to get wage increases…

From a dominant political party (PAP) background, it is inevitable that the mindset is to increase costs to justify the quality of service, like the way people are taxed to pay the million-dollar salary of the ministers

I don’t think our transportation company is running a loss. Mr Lim even quoted that the SMRT posted a net earning of $161.1 million for the year ended in March 2011. That is one-sixth of a billion dollars.

Rightfully, I may agree with Mr Lim’s thought that the increase of fare is justified with the improvement in quality. Unfortunately, the train is still as crowded as before during the morning crowd, following fare hikes throughout the years. This has to be addressed.

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