M1 Mobile Services Disrupted for Hours

May 19, 2011 · Posted in Inventory 


This is completely unacceptable! MobileOne (M1) mobile service was affected for several hours yesterday, lasting since morning till late afternoon. I know that because I could not make outbound calls, receive inbound call, send or receive text messages.

M1, however, did issue a statement of apology for the inconvenience. Was that enough?

We, consumers and end-users of M1, paid a sum of money, under the contractual agreement for the mobile, data and network services to be provided to us. When it comes to payment, there is no exception in the bill. On the other hand, where is the jurisdiction when M1 fails to deliver the service it promises in the contract that we sign.

The failure of their customer management server is an issue of M1, not consumer. We are not expected to be liable or responsible for its failure; M1 is. This disappointing part is, none of us get compensated for the loss of service.

Telco should bear full responsibility and compensate all consumers and end users for the service failure!

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