Maid – What To Look Out For

January 10, 2013 · Posted in Anything 

Maid for HomeFor quite some time, I have been doing some research on hiring a maid in Singapore. I asked myself what are the things I should look out for, and where should I start? As an advice, it is always important to ask yourself, what do you want a maid for, and what’s the purpose? Based on personal experience (everyone has their own priorities), below is my list.

First, start with Objective:

  • Perform daily routine household chores.
  • Take care of children or infants.
  • Prepare meals.
  • Regular maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness in the house.
  • carry out odd-chores and/or run errands.

Then, the next most important factor is Requirement:

  • Ability to communicate (I will suggest this as top priority for anyone looking for a maid).
  • Hygiene and clean.
  • No medical issue (fit and healthy).
  • No negative track record, such as stealing.
  • Overseas experience?
  • Marital status?
  • Has children?
  • Country of origin?

From there, you should be able to streamline the choices to help you choose your “right” maid. Once again, there is still an element of luck involved.

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