Manchester United Won the Carling Cup 2009

March 11, 2009 · Posted in English Football 

Manchester United winning the Carling Cup 2009

This is probably a “very” old news for a lot of people, but I have to talk about it here. Manchester United has won the Carling Cup after 120 minutes of football and 7 rounds of penalty kicks.

After 120 minutes (including extra time), the two teams held out to a 0 – 0 draw. Some viewers thought that Cristiano Ronaldo final minute strike could have actually win it for the Red Devils, if not for the goal post in the way.

Eventually, it ended up playing for penalty with the Reds going first. Ben Foster, Manchester United goalie, was probably the saviour of the night, ending up a 4-2 scoreline against the opponent, Tottenham.

The Carling Cup 2009 is the second trophy in the Reds’ quest for a possible sweep of the quintuplet. Tonight, the team will face Inter Milan at Old Trafford for the second leg of the Champion League quarter-final match.

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