Mas Selamat – Captured

May 9, 2009 · Posted in Anything 

Mas SelamatMas Selamat, the fugitive from Singapore after he escaped from the Whitley Detention Centre a few years back, was captured! This time, he was captured by the Malaysian government at Johor Bahru.

During the interview, he has revealed plans of plotting against Singapore and evidences have shown his action from the location he was captured. Anyway, the news was so huge, that it spread across The Straits Times of the Singapore newspaper. The interesting part is, he was captured in April 1st, 2009. So, why the late release of the news?

It was told in the news that in order to keep the secrecy of the capture at its tip, news of its arrest was not announced, so as not to alert any possible other JI members who could be in the group of plotting. However, it seems that he was acting alone.

What is the morale of the story? I think, there is a lot of conclusions from here.

  • You can run, but you cannot hide – Exactly! Wherever you can run to, even if you have the ability to run from one place to another, and probably hide for a period of time. Eventually, you will still be captured. Isn’t that the same case for Saddam Hussein?
  • Singapore is not exactly safe – For all we know, Mas Selamat is a popular figure and his intent to target Singapore was made known during his capture. What about the rest, assuming “the unknowns” do exist? There could be just more than one Mas Selamat and they might also be targeting Singapore.
  • Government secrecy – And so it seems, there are a lot of things that our governments have kept from the ears of the public.
  • Poor surveillance and detection – With all the advanced technology available in this century, it has failed to detect the traditional method of using rubber tyres and self-improvised floats, as the suspect crossed the water body from Singapore to Johor.
  • Successful deterrence – Apparently, evidences have shown that the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore is more close than what it seems. The ability to work behind close-doors has sent out a strong signal of deterrence that anyone is to think twice between attempting to bring down the country’s security (sovereignty).

With the capture of Mas Selamat, everyone must be feeling secured that this case is closed. But, don’t get carried away. It’s the duty of every single citizen to stay vigilant, to ensure National Security is kept in top shape. For all you know, this may not be the last we spoke of a terrorist action.

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