Michael Jackson – Propofol Cause of Death

August 26, 2009 · Posted in Anything 

Michael JacksonIt is now made official that Propofol, a powerful drug, is the cause of Pop star Michael Jackson’s death. He had lethal levels of the powerful anesthetic Propofol in his body when he died.

Information about Propofol

  • A powerful anesthetic usually used before and during surgery
  • Can also be used in small doses to reduce stress or anxiety
  • Produced as a white, opaque fluid and administered intravenously
  • Marketed under the trade name Diprivan

It was briefly mentioned that on the morning of the singer’s death, Dr Murray is reported to have relented and given Jackson a lower dosage of Propofol after a number of other drugs had not worked. He left the star alone to make some telephone calls and when he returned Jackson was not breathing.

Dr Murray is known to have performed CPR on his patient while the paramedics were called, but Jackson was declared dead when he arrived at hospital.

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