Microsoft to issue Fix for Internet Explorer in Windows XP

May 2, 2014 · Posted in Applications 

Windows XP IE Fix

Microsoft has announced that the software giant will issue a fix to Internet Explorer installed in Windows XP operating systems, which it has ceased global support since April. It issued an update on Thursday to fix a bug that let hackers gain access and user rights to computers.

Microsoft said that hackers could exploit the flaw by hosting a “specially crafted website” designed to exploit the vulnerability. If users visited the website, hackers could use it to gain access to their computer and get the same rights as the machine’s user. However, hackers would have needed to convince users to view and interact with the website, and would have had “no way to force users” to view the content otherwise.

Windows XP users can also gain benefits to the security fix, as Microsoft made an exceptions to this case, since the flaw was discovered days after the support for XP ended.

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