Milo Giving Me Sore Throat

November 28, 2007 · Posted in Rant Corner 

Sore ThroatHas anyone heard of Milo, a chocolate drink, actually causes sore throat? Well, at least it did for me this morning.

Earlier, I was having breakfast at McDonald’s and in the process of ordering a hot drink, I changed the coffee / tea to Milo instead; I have been drinking a lot of coffee over the last couple of days and tea is recommended to be avoided as much as possible due to the medication I was taking (since I fell sick).

Eventually, the Milo came and it was so thick. I felt ok drinking it, but towards the end, the concentration became thicker – as I forgot to stir it. Hence, I am feeling the strain down my throat as if I was about to have a sore throat soon.

I am still feeling that bad since morning and have been drinking a lot of water to neutralise the effect. Hopefully, it won’t take too long before I recover.

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