MobileOne (M1) 3G and 4G Network Got Hit

January 16, 2013 · Posted in Economy 

M1 Notice on Network Down

Since yesterday morning at 3am, MobileOne (M1) network was down with several users impacted by the network failure. Several M1 subscribers were unable to use the data network, and the company also advised users to switch to 2G network.

However, for some other users, there was completely no service, including phone calls or SMS. The downtime was almost close to 24 hours; and probably most badly hit in the history of Singapore’s Telecommunication service.

This morning, when I tried accessing M1 network at around 8am, it seems to be back in order. There were also suggestion that some customers lost several thousand of dollars in business, due to loss of network. This is considered to be very disruptive; hopefully it won’t happen again.

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