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MobileOne (M1) Website Under System Maintenanace

November 8, 2011 · Posted in Economy 

M1 Website Maintenance

I tried accessing Mobile One (M1) website earlier today and found that the website was under maintenance. This is just strange, because at the same time, I tried calling in to M1 Customer Service Hotline at 1627 (or 1622 for corporate), the line is completely engaged. No Tele representative is picking up the phone.

From Telemarketing perspective, I could draw a few conclusions. Firstly, today’s volume is hitting the peak due to system glitches and issues, whereby customers are all trying to call in to inquire more information. Secondly, the system issue has caused the telephony network to malfunction, in a way such that the calls are not routed to any Tele representative. Or otherwise, the Tele team are not performing to the required Service Level Agreement (SLA). I had even left my number for them to call back, but so far M1 has not reached out to me even after a few hours.

Although I do notice that M1 network coverage has improved for the past 2 weeks, there seems to be an imbalance of service level. It is really disappointing that I was not able to reach to any Customer Service representative, despite that I am subscribed to a corporate plan.

What is happening, M1?

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