My Chat with BlueHost Support

September 17, 2008 · Posted in Rant Corner 

When my site became unavailable, I contacted BlueHost Support via the LIVE CHAT service offered online. Below is the conversation between myself and the customer support. Just wondering, hopefully I am not talking to a bot.

Conversation with BlueHost

Bill [12:03:05 AM]: Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today? I am doing multiple chats if I do not respond immediately please be patient.
If this is a sales question please Ignore the following;

For Security reasons before I can make changes to your account or give you information about the account,
I need you to provide me with your main domain name and either the cPanel password on the account, or the last four digits of the credit card (or PayPal invoice if you paid with PayPal) as verification of your Identity.

Keith [12:03:05 AM]: Site Unavailable?
Bill [12:03:18 AM]: I need you to provide me with your main domain name
Keith [12:03:19 AM]: It said
[12:03:25 AM]: “Could Not Connect”…
[12:03:29 AM]: domain is
[12:03:36 AM]: Now it’s back again….
[12:03:59 AM]: hi Bill, I noticed this on and off thing occurring intermittently. Why is it so?
Bill [12:04:46 AM]: the admins have been doing a lot of upgrades on the servers the last week and that has been a problem
Keith [12:05:31 AM]: To be honest, this occurrence appears more than just since last week.
[12:06:00 AM]: Is the server running low on bandwidth?
Bill [12:06:10 AM]: no physical space
Keith [12:06:26 AM]: Or has it got to do with DNS not propagating well… this seems quite disturbing at times.
Bill [12:07:05 AM]: no the ISP went down last week but that only affected a couple of days and has not been a problem
Keith [12:07:49 AM]: erm…. a couple of minutes sounds daunting, not to mention a couple of days.
[12:13:21 AM]: Anyway, let’s hope this does not happen again, after all this is a paid service. I hope you understand.
[12:13:27 AM]: Thanks a lot for your help.

I know I am not paying a great deal of money for the service, but this is so unsatisfactory, sometimes…

This happens on another day when the web site goes offline again: September 18, 2008

Dawson [12:58:01 AM]: Please type your main domain if you have an account with us. Allow me 3 min between answers and I will be right there with you. Thank you.
Keith [12:58:01 AM]: Could Not Connect

Dawson [12:58:07 AM]: What’s your domain?
Keith [12:58:11 AM]:
Dawson [12:58:21 AM]: I’m sorry for any inconvenience, but the server is currently undergoing some file system maintenance. The admins are currently working on this issue and, while it has taken longer than initially expected, they currently estimate about 2 hours before they have it back up.
Keith [12:58:40 AM]: It’s not supposed to be offline, isn’t it?
[12:59:03 AM]: Even if it’s undergoing maintenance, account owners should be notified well in advanced of any maintenance date and time.

Is it what BlueHost is supposed to be treating its customers? Does the Customer Service Personnel know what they are talking about? There is a term and condition (T&C) governing their service quality.

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