My iPad 2 Finally Upgraded to iOS 7

November 16, 2013 · Posted in Inventory 

Apple iPad 2

Nearly 2 years ago, I purchased an Apple iPad 2 directly from Apple Store, more as a Christmas present. At that point in time, my iPad was pre-installed with iOS version 5, which over a period time I upgraded to iOS 5.0.3 when Apple rolled out new upgrades. However, I stopped at the last version of 5.0.x, primarily because there were a lot of review articles mentioning poor battery management after 5.1.x was introduced. It never really got fixed (although some users did claim their iOS devices were functioning well after the fix was applied). I never felt confident at that time.

Remember about a year ago, Apple introduced iOS 6; which was showcased by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple after Steve Jobs stepped down. Instead of bringing more innovation to the users, I find that this version was carelessly rolled out and “fault” in a way, that Tim Cook has to apologized publicly to the users for the inconveniences it caused.

Subsuming all the reviews in the articles, I picked out 4 key areas where iOS 6 is not meant for me, and I refrained myself from upgrading to this version throughout the entire lifecycle of iOS 6.

  1. Replacement of Google Map with Apple Map
  2. Removal of YouTube application
  3. Worsening of Battery Life
  4. Email management Issue

Each and every aspects of these 4 key areas is a No-Go for me to upgrade my iOS version. Let me further explain my reasons:

Replacement of Google Map with Apple Map

This is definitely no-brainer, even for someone who is not an Apple user. Regardless if Google Map was a widely-user navigation application, besides the fact that Apple Map did not match up to its standard when it replaced the application, there were severe errors and inaccuracies on the Apple application. The turn-by-turn voice navigation and the 3D features on the Apple map application will not be something I am willing to compensate for the loss of accuracies.

The other reason, at that time, was Google was taken by surprise; there was no native apps built for Google map, and users have to rely on browser-based navigation. It was a truly bad experience. I was lucky not to take the gamble with upgrading to iOS 6, as that would render my iPad useless in navigation.

Remove of YouTube application

Somehow, iOS 6 seems to emphasis on the breaking up of business relationship between the search engine giant, Google and Apple. Besides taking Google map off, it has also taken off YouTube application, which used to come in previous default installation of iOS operating system.

Most iPad owners access YouTube to a large extent; in one way or another, it is an application that users will still use it at certain point in time. Removing it from the default setup is a poor move on Apple’s end. Fortunately, Google acted on it quite quickly and rolled out YouTube application for iOS. Honestly, I could not see myself not using YouTube today; it is just to widely-used, popular and relevant.

Worsening of Battery Life

I did not experience it myself, but reading from several articles mention the bad battery life drainage does turn me off. I am unwilling to trade-off a good battery life management (from iOS 5.0.3) to one that has drained off battery to a large extent.

Email Management Issue

Once again, this is coming from external articles and reviews; that iOS 6 has encountered some email issue, ranging from loss of emails from the servers, to Outlook connectivity problem. In some way, this was connected to the previous topic on “Worsening of Battery Life“. Some suspected that it has got to do with persistent connection to the mail server to Push mail to the iOS device. I used my iPad to read emails from different sources; hence, I could not afford the loss of emails.

So, what’s next…?

Why iOS 7? The reasons are very simple.

  • By today, Google has rolled out a more powerful native Google Map and YouTube apps for iOS devices. There is no need to rely on legacy apps on iOS 5. The interfaces were intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Over the past several months, Apple has drastically improve the Apple map navigational tool. It is now far more accurate and better to use than the first time it was rolled out.
  • Battery drainage problem is becoming less of an issue in iOS 7. Though I still hear buzz around users claiming iOS 7 drains battery life faster, but of course that has to be true, since there are so many new functionalities in the latest Apple iOS operating system, and most of them were switched on by default. All it takes is to switch some of them off, and you could conserve some battery life.
  • No email messed-up issue reported, or at least that’s what I have heard.
  • iOS 7 is a totally new make-over, compared to previous iOS operating systems.
  • A lot of apps are built for iOS 7; if I do not upgrade, I am going to miss out some of these latest apps.
  • Last, but not least, iPad 2 supports iOS 7. To some, this may not be an important thing – but if you research carefully, not all Apple devices can be upgraded to iOS 7. Take for example, I have an iPhone 3GS, and it is not powerful enough to run the latest iOS 7 operating system.

In conclusion, I believe I have made the right choice to hold off upgrading my iPad operating system, and wasted no chance to upgrade to the latest iOS. Currently, it is running iOS 7.0.4!

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