My Next Mobile Phone in 2012

September 29, 2012 · Posted in Inventory 

iPhone 3GS

In my previous posts, I have been using iPhone 3GS for almost 3 years; in other words, my contract with existing service provider, MobileOne (M1), is already long up and I am eligible to renew my contract.

For the past 9 months, I have been waiting for iPhone 5 to be released. My excitement skyrocketed when Apple finally announced the release of the latest device. After it hit the store and listening to reviewers, I was utterly disappointed and completely despair in both its hardware and newest iOS 6. Even Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has to issue an official apology to the public. Landscape competitiveness has taken over the tradition of customer experience.

It inevitably prompted me to look for alternatives. Below are some options that I am exploring. In no particular order:

1. iPhone 4S
Apple iPhone 5 may have flaws, but iPhone 4S was something that most Apple fans and users have been pretty satisfied with. There is the introduction of Siri, voice-assisted response by retrieving information from the Internet and presenting it to users. On top of that, its hardware was an upgrade over iPhone 4. There is no antenna reception issue, as was found in the predecessor. With the release of iPhone 5, I believe it will push the price of iPhone 4S down and therefore making it reasonably value-for-money, without much loss of quality.

2. Samsung S3
A strong rival of Apple, Samsung somehow managed to surge in the mobile industry making a name for itself in a short course of 3 years. The most renowned and latest mobile phone is its flagship Samsung S3. There are already reviews in the Internet claiming that, despite releasing a couple of months before iPhone 5, it is already equipped with the most advanced technology. An example is NFC (Near Field Communication), which comes Samsung S3, but is completely left out of iPhone 5. The hardware is also known to be much superior that iPhone 5.

3. Nokia Lumnia 920
Nokia was the number 1 mobile phone supplier in the early 20s. The Finnish company somehow lost its grasp on the market as it banged its money on Symbian OS, which never did take off. Recently, their partnership with Microsoft is beginning to show some trend that users may return to Nokia, which they once remembered user experience always comes first. I remember I owned this Nokia 3310, that was so durable and popular, it is definitely the phone to go. Nokia Lumnia 920 is the next big thing coming from them. If I were to go with this device, I may have to wait for a few weeks or months more, as it is still not available in the market.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note
A few of my colleagues owned this device and they were mostly switched from Apple iPhone. Feedback given to me tells me that ever since they went for Galaxy Note, they never looked back. The device is slightly bigger is size, therefore watching video is a pleasant experience. I was not really an Android fan, and therefore I didn’t really went deeper into this previously.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
This is the next big thing from Samsung – announced in Germany, this device is expected to reach the market sometimes in September. (Well, it is September now, but I still see no sight of it), nonetheless, reviews have been really positive.

All the devices above are my options. I do think about RIM or Motorola, but they are still not fully tested yet so I may not want to jump onto the wagon without having a proper understanding of those phones. I told myself, it is a matter of time I make up my mind; and that could be within days or weeks.

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