My Rise and Fall for the Past One Year

May 1, 2009 · Posted in Rant Corner 

Roller Coaster RideHonestly, I do not know how to start this post. The last 12 months have been quite a roller-coaster ride for me. In fact, the ride actually started way beyond times that I really did not want to think about it. Will it take a psychologist to be able to interpret my post, or maybe a normal person could easily understand what I am trying to say here. Then, once again, I am not trying to send out any message, it is only just that I want to rant about it.

If I were to refer this song “Always With Me“, it may ring a bell. As I look back over the last many months, it is coupled with ups and downs, a lot being emotional, such as love and hatred, likes and dislikes, distant and near, selfish and selfless. Sometimes, it is fate that plays a part in our lives that inevitably affect our feelings. I have absolutely in no denial that sacrifices is involved and that the truth that unrequited love is truly in existence.

I have said this once before,

“… the best times of our lives are always short-lived…”.

How true it is when related to practical life. Is it something that we can control? Yes, we can. Is it something that we wish to control? Yes we do. Is it something that after taking control of it and still remain happy and satisfied in all aspects of life? The answer is a definite No (well, that’s at least for me, speaking on behalf of 90% of the people living on this planet).

Sometimes the truth hurts; the truth may change entirely the way we perceive people, but human being as fragile. We will still try to deny such hurtful truths. It is painful, but maybe it is for the best of all possible situations.

Personally, I appreciate my life – for all those that have given to me; I could not have asked for me, even if I felt I really don’t deserve certain downfalls. Looking back and looking at others, I am contented – I am definitely not the most unfortunate person on earth. The only regret is hurting the people whom are sincere and truthful to us. I would prefer to bear the pain in return for the happiness of others. For all I know, I will always understand the fact that if I have a dollar in my wallet; I should be contented, as possibly as much as 50% of the world’s population may not even have that asset.

Human beings are inevitably and undeniably selfish by nature. Even the latest news of the monk (Ren Ci) is under prosecution by law. Whilst we could not stop it, what we could do is probably minimise it. Think back of the days when we are happy; that will really remain in my mind and kept inside a treasure box, something which I will never forget; for those times have been the happiest days of my lives.

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