New Email Address Decided

September 12, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

Over the last couple of days or weeks, I was considering if I should change my email address. After much consideration, I have finally decided that it is more beneficial to switch to web-based online email address, rather than the POP-SMTP type of email address system.

Some of advantages are:

  • Always Online – Users can get hold of your email whenever, wherever you are, as long as you have access to the Internet. Nowadays, Internet access is always so easily attained, as compared to the past, so getting an access should not be an issue.
  • Free – Some of the free large web-based email service providers are GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail. I believe there are more others, but these 3 are my recommendations.
  • Large Storage Capacity – Up to 7GB storage space. How much can your hard disk space store? Of course, hard disk space can store unlimited size; however do consider that the performance slows down to a crawl when the data file gets too large on your local drive. However, that is different on web-based servers, as the service providers are able to configure the system as according to the requirement for email systems; which means a much efficient access.
  • Automated Spam Management – With email based on external third-party servers, automated spam service comes free for you; at least that is what I know about Hotmail and GMail. Their spam services, or so-called Junk box, have been rather effective in capturing spams, which are plaguarising our inbox every other days. Naturally, this becomes a rather important aspect when looking out for a good web-based email system.

Disadvantages are as follow:

  • Internet-Dependent – This is rather crucial; without Internet service, it means you are crippled. With no access to Internet, there is no access to email. Furthermore, users cannot do an offline mode to reply emails. There are alternative solution to do off-line session, but it is application-dependent. For example, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express is essential for Hotmail access.
  • Service Provider-Dependent – If the service provider decides to close down, that is the end of story. Hence, choose one that is reliable and at least last for a long time; at least your lifetime. Google and Microsoft are two potentially possible service providers that can be so-called reliable for at least the next century (I assume).
  • Advertisement – To ensure the survival of the system, the providing company itself has to benefit. Most of them come in the form of advertisement; especially if you do see add-on signatures and products at the bottom of the email, sent out to the recipients. Unfortunately, users are unable to control that from occurring.

Hence, the bottom line is, my decision to switch to a web-based system is mainly due to its reliable service over a long period of time, and its large storage space. Hence, what my email address? Well, I’m going to keep it to personal contacts and not leave it here, as to invite spams.


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