New High Record of Number of Visitors

April 28, 2008 · Posted in Site Info 

Secret WP Online UsersThis really surprise me! A new record high of the total number of visitors that came to my site has been registered. The old record was broken yesterday, surging past the previous best record about three months ago.

The screen shot on the right depicts the highest number to be 97; seven more than its previous best. It was definitely a good improvement compared to January’s statistics when I first installed WP-UserOnline plugin.

Once again, there is a reason for this huge gush of in-coming traffic; mainly driven by StumbleUpon. The Command Squirrel post has captured a great deal of attention with several StumbleUpon users being driven to see this cute little squirrel picture.

Nonetheless, I believe there is also another contributing factor; that is, the post on Ice Rain Effect. The images of the nature at its best, is when climate changes has provided the architectural showdown on the environment.

FireStats Detail of the Blog

I am quite happy to see the traffic rising to its peak. Hope to hit another greater height again.

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