NSMen Standard Battle Order (SBO) and Full Battle Order (FBO) List

August 23, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

Returning to reservist can be quite a problem if one has been disrupting or deferring for a long period of time. We forgot what is needed as the SOP items! I obtained the list from a Singapore website; hope that’ll help some other users who need to get information about SBO and FBO items.

Furthermore, note that this is unit-dependent. Not all unit follows the standard item listed below; however, the list below is something one can start with.

Update [16 Nov 2013]: New update, please scroll far below.


The full pack items will be packed in the following packets. Each packet must be waterproofed and labeled.

Unit Qty Remarks

a. Uniform Pair 01 Name & Rank Visble
b. Green Socks Pair 01

a. PT Kit Pair 01
b. Underwear Pair 01
c. SAF Green Towel No 01

a. Toothpaste and Brush Set 01
b. Shaving Kit Set 01 1 spare blade
c. Soap Box No 01
d. Toilet Paper Roll 01

a. PT Shoes Pair 01

a. Candle No 02
b. Matches Box 01
c. Shoe Laces Pair 01
d. Mosquito Repellant Tube 01
e. Sewing Kit Set 01
f. Kiwi & Brush No 01

a. Mess Tin Set 01
b. Fork & Spoon Set 01
c. Meal bag No 20
d. Foot Powder No 01 Full
e. Rifle Cleaning Kit Set 01
i. 5 Piece Rod Set 01
ii. Tweezer No 01
iii. Oil Bottle No 01 Full
iv. Brush No 01
v. Chamber brush No 01
vi. Barrel brush No 01
vii. Orange Cloth No 01
viii. Flannelette No 20
f. Range Card No 01 With 3 overlays
g. Chinagraph No 01
h. Groundsheet No 01
i. Entrenching Tool Set 01
j. Basha Sticks No 02
k. Rain Coat, Man Camouflage No 01
l.Sandbags No 02


Equipment Unit Qty Remarks
a. Full Water Bottle No 02
b. Mess Mug No 01
c. Toggle Rope No 01
d. Angle Torch (L-Torch) No 01 With Spare batteries
e. Whistle Pouch / Earplugs No 01
f. Gloves Pair 01
g. Mine Prodders No 01
h. Goggles Pair 01

Update (16th November 2013)

During my last in-camp that took place this year, it happens to be a high-key reservist. It seems that a lot of things has changed over the past few years. Now, our 5-pack item is called 6-pack or even 10-pack item. Huh?? So many packs…?

Anyway, I checked with some soldiers and realized that they merely split up the packs. So, the latest that I have is this 6-pack – do note, it differs from unit to unit, but if you already have these below, chances are you are already quite well-equipped for the next 2 weeks of refresher training.

Pack 1

  • 01 x No. 4 Uniform

Pack 2

  • 01 x Vest (must be brown – some unit are just strict)
  • 01 x PT shorts
  • 01 x pair of Green socks
  • 01 x underwear
  • 01 x towel
  • 01 x sewing kit

Pack 3

  • 01 x Toiletry Bag (some units have it; some don’t)
  • 01 x toothbrush and toothpaste
  • 01 x soap & case
  • 01 x foot powder
  • 01 x shaving kit

Pack 4

  • 01 x small mess tin
  • 01 x pair of Boot lace
  • 01 x Kiwi & brush
  • 01 x matches / lighters (I suggest you guys take from combat ration)
  • 01 x batteries
  • 02 x candles

Pack 5

  • 01 x toilet roll

Pack 6

  • 01 x pair of PT shoes
  • 01 x pair of slippers

For years… I am still pondering… In the event of a REAL war, why do we ever need a PT shoes in a Full Pack inventory. If we are injured, we would either be in cast or bandaged, shoes can’t even fit. On the other hand, if it was merely to take a break to do “body maintenance”, a slipper would be more practical. I still do not get it. Nonetheless, you’ve got to do what you got to do – so Just Do It!

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