Olympics 2008 Comes and Goes

August 28, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

Beijing Olympics 2008 has ended almost one week already, but everything seems so fast! The day when the Olympics torch light up the Bird Nest’s Stadium in China was somewhat quite a distant away, but 16 days later, the curtain has to be drawn to close the stage that brought about some fantastic sportsmen and broken world records!

The closing ceremony last Sunday was as good as the open ceremony on August 8, 2008. Fireworks and several performances light up the entire capital of China, viewed by millions all over the world.

One of the highlights of the ceremony is the passing of Olympics flag from one person to another. The next Olympics Games will be held in 4 years’ time in London. The flag barrier for the Olympics Games 2012 is London Mayor, Boris Johnson (see left).

The 8-minute performance by the British is performed by X-factor winner, Leona Lewis and England footballer, David Beckham along with some other well-known celebrities. Despite the short span of time, the 8 minutes had already asserted how dynamic the next Olympics Games anyone can expect, as we look forward to 4 years from now.

This year is a shame for me; as much as I would love to watch and support the Olympics Games, I was unable to do so, due to highly commited work, busy time and tight schedule. The good thing is that I am happy that it all ended well; much to everyone’s expectation and some others’ unexpetation. Last but not least, I hereby would like to congratulate China for coming out to amaze the world with its fantastic performance; and let’s not forget the earthquake ordeal that traumatised the country two months ago.

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