Olympics Games Beijing 2008

August 13, 2008 · Posted in Rant Corner 

The Beijing Olympics Games 2008 is somewhat not as exciting as what I have anticipated. It is not because the Olympics Games is not thrilling, but rather I am far too pre-occupied with work, personal life, other interests and hobbies, etc. Tiredness overcome my interest towards the world-wide renowned Olympics Games, that occur once every 4 years.

The first day of the Olympics Games falls on Friday, August 8th, 2008, a day according to Chinese is auspicious! Simply because, the character 8 is a lucky number; hence we have 08/08/2008. I presume the opening ceremony also took place at 8:08pm during that day itself.

Five days have passed and I have not watched a single event, nor did I keep track of the medal tally. As far as I know, up-to-date, the host, China, remains in pole position in terms of medal tally. Nonetheless, the United States of America has a higher number of medals achieved.

There is roughly 25 more days left for the Olympics Games and personally, I foresee a lot more challenging events comin up from the event itself. I’ll just have to spend some time and enjoy the show, whenever I can find some time to do so. Right now, my personal schedule is completely overwhelmed by all kind of events! One thing that I’ll be interested to keep track is, will China maintain its pole position, especially with United States closing in on second position.

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