Onboard the Flight to Manchester

October 25, 2008 · Posted in Thesis 

I said that in the earlier post that it was going to be the final post; well, it’s true. This is a time-capsule post created ahead of time, which means I have already made this post beforehand, but left the system to publish it at a designated time. So, where am I now?

Currently, I am sitting right inside Singapore Airlines, awaiting for the flight to take off. It is pretty cosy as it is a midnight flight. I’m uncertain if they are going serve dinner later, chances are it’s very likely. The time is 23:55pm (+8hrs GMT) and the plane is approaching the runway.

The next time when I wake up is going to be in Manchester, at 5:45am (GMT), which is roughly 2pm in Singapore. I need to check the time in Singapore again, because of the day-light saving in Europe, which can be really confusing at times.

Okay, Bon Voyage to me!

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