Open Source Software

Welcome to my Open Source Software (OSS) corner. Listed are software that are highly recommended for your Operating System. Although the title may indicate Open Source, some other non-open source such as free wares may also be included.

Web Stuffs >> web browser, email clients and RSS readers

Operating Systems >> recommended open source OS

Graphics >> graphical editing tools equivalent to Adobe Photoshop

Multimedia >> audio, video and any media-related software

Office Applications >> office suites

File Transfer >> file transfer protocol applications

Miscellaneous >> utilities and other useful applications

There are sites all over the Internet that introduces about Open Source applications. My recommendation here is solely based on my personal experience and usage. Hope that it will introduce anyone of you who are still sticking with non-Open Source applications to consider the positive sides of OSS.

Construction: My deepest apology that the links of the above mentioned articles are still currently under construction. They will be announced once the details are finalised. Thanks for your understanding.