Outlook is the New Hotmail

August 4, 2012 · Posted in Applications 

Outlook from HotmailMicrosoft has taken a bold step to revamp the Hotmail completely, now calling it Outlook, which most people are familiar with. When I first heard the news of the new release, I did not hesitate to quickly log on to Outlook and try it out.

Unlike other free web-based email, such as Google Mail or Yahoo, Microsoft has a good reputation to be relatively stable and secure. That’s the main reason why there is no hesitation.

My initial experience is really good. The interface looks like that of GMail, but it’s relatively better for organization of emails and folders. Remember, GMail uses indexing to get the speed. On top of that, Outlook integrates with Contacts, SkyDrive and Calendar very well.

What truly blows me away is the SkyDrive that Microsoft is offering – free 7GB Cloud service, which is practically almost unlimited. Furthermore, Microsoft has developed applications for use in multiple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Microsoft Windows. Nothing really comes close to what Microsoft has produced this time round.

Great work, Microsoft! I can sense MSFT share prices going up now.

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