Painful Waiting Time to Boot Up Laptop

December 5, 2008 · Posted in Inventory 

HP nc6000 LaptopI really have to throw this out (rant about it)! The office laptop, HP nc6000, that I am currently using right now is getting from bad to worse. Christmas is coming to down, and Santa Claus is checking if you (laptop) are good or bad. And the answer is, it’s really pathetically poor.

Each time I boot up, it took 15 to 20 minutes doing its own stuff. Honestly, I simply have no clue what has been causing this delay. In the past, when I first received this system, the boot up time was impressive. Took no more than 3 minutes. Over the last 1 year, the time to boot-up has increased.

The issue is, during the first 15 minutes, I could do nothing on the laptop! All the processes is taken up, running rigorously at the background; the hard disk drive is spinning like crazy, as though it is compressing huge volume of files. As this is a single-core Pentium M processor, all other processes come to a halt.

Perhaps, it is time to do some spring-cleaning on my laptop. When I checked at the hard disk drive space, there were about 10GB of space available! How possible is there a lack of storage becoming an issue? I presume it’s more likely to be due to other programs that are currently installed in the system. Time to get rid of the unused programs.

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