Pastamania Online Menu is Bad

October 21, 2009 · Posted in Rant Corner 

Optmised Pastmania MenuThe original pixel size of the Pastamania menu on the website is 1000 by 1386 pixels. Okay, it seems quite a large resolution, but guess what, when I clicked on this link (beware, it’s a large file size) to show the full screen of the menu, it took me 5 minutes to download the file completely, so it can be shown on my screen.

I did a check on the file size, and it was a humongous 1.7 Megabytes (MB) of file. Whoever did that website ought to be “lectured”; for wasting resources (bandwidth and storage) and time (for consumers to download files).

Anyway, I took the 1.7 MB file, re-compressed and reduced its quality, but maintaining a reasonable good resolution. The end product is a one-third of the original file size (less than 600 kilobytes (kB)) with almost no noticeable different to the eyes between the 2 files. The file can be downloaded below (or click on the thumbnail image at the top-right).

Download File
Pastamania Menu (600kB)

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