Plan to Buy Samsung D880 Stalled

October 12, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

Just 2 weeks ago, I mentioned about my initial plan of buying a Samsung D880. Unfortunately, I may have to shelf that idea for the time being, mainly due to the economic crisis that is spreading like forest fire globally across the continents. The selling price, which is listed about S$500 (approximately 200) is probably a little too much to ask for the time being.

Nevertheless, it is still good to keep an eye on the mobile phone market. With the introduction of the Samsung D880 and D780 models, it is sure to trigger a competition within the market to start innovating ideas on dual-sim functionalities.

Have asked several mobile companies, such as Nokia and Motorola, none of them have produced somewhat similar to these two models. Thus, it may perhaps be a good time to sit and watch how the market respond, especially during this period of financial downturn.

Personally, I can still continue to use two phones at the same time; only a little bit troublesome, but it’s the more economical way during times of troubles.

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