Police Report Filed by Foyce against Jack Neo

March 16, 2010 · Posted in Entertainment Industry 

Yet again, whilst most of all thought that the hype about Jack Neo’s affair with Wendy Chong would have died down after he gave a press conference last week; instead, Foyce Le Xuan stepped up the gear by giving her own account of an experience with Jack. What makes matter worse was that she filed a police report this morning at the Tampines Neighbourhood Police Post.

Using the evidence of the short messages services (SMS) in the mobile phone, she accused Jack Neo of sexual harassment. On top of that, she requested police for further protection as it was reported that a male caller has been sending her threatening messages, telling her to keep quiet. In another news report, there seem to be more than one man who made threatening messages.

It also through the police report that Foyce’s real name is also Lim Hui Hui.

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