Poor M1 Reception in Punggol

February 17, 2010 · Posted in Rant Corner 

If you are staying in Punggol (Singapore), and you’re accessing to MobileOne (M1) 3G network, don’t expect the best of its quality.

I have tested the network for the past few weeks, and it is really not good at all. Not to mention its line gets cut off in the lift, let’s say even the network is pretty unstable in the house.

Accessing 3G networks, especially those getting online on to the Internet, is not going to enjoy the experience. Within an apartment in Punggol, the network is quite bad, that sometimes phone reception is not received. What has gone wrong?

Simple; there is insufficient access point (or network station) surrounding the Punggol new town. Well, how did other network service provider fare?

In my honest opinion, I did not try out SingTel, but I did have a go at StarHub. The latter network service provider is way much better than M1. Let’s say I can access the 3G network within the house, without loss of connection. This says a lot about M1 investment into the new estates.

Let’s put it this way, if M1 isn’t going to buck up; it’s time for me to change service provider.

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