Prior Departure to Glasgow – At Dublin Airport

October 30, 2008 · Posted in Thesis 

Okay, no more time-capsule thing. As I am waiting patiently for the next flight to Glasgow at Dublin Airport, I decided that writing a post here would keep my time occupied. It will be an Aer Lingus flight, departing from Dublin to Glasgow, at 9:25am.

It is still early at the moment, since leaving Shaw Court (or rather Harcourt Hotel) to the airport. I decided that a cup of cappuccino would keep me warm for the next couple of minutes prior boarding.

So, what to talk about next? I slept pretty early last night, because I was so tired; hence, I went to bed early without even packing my luggage, preferring to wake up early this morning to pack instead. Moreover, I need to have my shower, so this would be a good idea.

The time is close to boarding, so I guess I will stop here and make my next post when I can find the time to do so. Au Revoir!

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