PSI Health Safety Measurement

June 28, 2013 · Posted in Rant Corner 

N95 Mask

The recent haze problem has caused a lot of awareness among public citizens in Singapore, especially when it set the record in the history of hitting 401 PSI last week. Below is a table displaying the PSI Value against the quality of the air in the atmosphere.

PSI Value
Air Quality
0 – 100
Good to Moderate
101 – 200
201 – 300
Very Unhealthy
Above 300

Singapore and some parts of Malaysia have experienced Hazardous air quality and government have asked the use of mask if needed. Most importantly, lots of business were affected, and schools have to be shut down.

Today, the situation have improved. It is now ranging between 50 and 100, which represents good to moderate air quality. Hopefully this continues and we should experience better as more rain comes along.

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