AdSense Earnings Drop by 20 Percent in April

May 1, 2011 · Posted in Radio · 1 Comment 

Google Adsense LogoMy April Report is out. Google AdSense earnings has dropped by a significant twenty percent (20%), as compared to the previous month. With reference to my last post on prediction of Google AdSense earnings, the result has proven to be true.

Part of the reasons for its decline is due to the shortage of quality posts made to some websites. However, that substantial decrease could not be so significant if not the giant search engine has done something to their back-end system.

Google is based on complex mathematical algorithm to ensure best search result is delivered to end-user. The company has survived on this fundamental principal for the past 10 years. It is without a doubt that it would lead to speculation Google has heavily tweaked its algorithm on its Google AdSense engine, especially the pie of shared earning that goes to the multinational company (MNC) has become overly apparent in its Terms and Conditions.

If this continues, I will have to search for alternative sources to fund my server and websites.

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Where is Joe Augustin’s New Blog?

January 18, 2009 · Posted in Radio · Comment 

Radio Star Joe AugustinWhen Joe had officially left FM 91.3, it sparked a new commotion amongst Singaporeans, feeling a sense of uneasy not able to hear the most notorious, yet heart-warming voice over the broadcast. A blog was the immediate result of their departure – Joe and Petrina.

Nonetheless, Joe managed to find his next cup-of-tea joy with Power 98 FM station, and it was not too long we heard him blabbering on air with Hossan and Shareen. Well done to him!

Several months later, I have been keeping track of his blog site, but it seems that site about Joe and Petrina is no longer frequent by people. Is there a new blog site that you are running, Joe? I would really like to hear you on air, as well as on the blogging side.

The great thing that I found about you blogging is this particular post. So, hopefully I can find you some days and catch you online in the blogging industry.

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Finally Heard Joe On Air – Power 98

June 23, 2008 · Posted in Radio · 3 Comments 

It is no wonder that I did not get to hear Joe Augustin on air; today is his first day! The all-familiar voice of Joe has transmitted through the stratosphere across the planet right down to Singapore using radio wave, 98.0MHz frequency within the electromagnetic wave spectrum.

Good to hear you finally, Joe! The morning now no longer sucks; instead it rocks with Power 98 – exactly real power.

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Did Not Hear Joe Augustin

June 19, 2008 · Posted in Radio · Comment 

This is strange, despite hearing from news that Joe Augustin is already now live on air in Power 98 FM, but I did not hear any familiar voice over the radio. Did I get the station wrong?

I was switching radio frequencies to and fro, ranging from Symphony 92.4 to Class 95. Nonetheless, there is nothing like the regular morning show that I used to hear from Petrina and Joe. Perhaps, I might be looking at the wrong station.

Oh well, doesn’t really matter. There are so many radio stations to choose from, I’ll just stick to whichever one that is playing songs that I fancied.

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Joe Augustin Back On Air – Morning Show With Power 98 FM

June 18, 2008 · Posted in Radio · Comment 

I have just received a very important news from Petrina and Joe Blog site. Joe Augustin is going back to morning show again; but with Power 98 FM! It is definitely a joyous news for Joe, and I completely share his happiness.

According to some of the comments posted on his site, it was mentioned that he is likely to be working with Hossan, another “talk-cock” king in the Entertainment Circle. Well, how will the pair work out, it has yet to be seen; but it will be something new for everyone to check it out.

So, lend your support to them! Great work from Power 98 FM on their rare find of a DJ Guru.

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Joe Augustin Comment – A Surprise Celebrity Visitor to my Site

June 11, 2008 · Posted in Radio · Comment 

That is correct! This morning when I accessed my website, I saw a new comment, with the name Joe Augustin. Yes, make not mistake about it, he is Singapore’s Joe Augustin ex-host from the Radio FM 91.3 morning show.

It certainly came to me as a surprise! I would never expect a celebrity, at least someone of his status, to be writing comments on my site. Of course, anyone could be wondering that comment might be an imitation. Anyway, who cares!

In addition, the whole “conspiracy story” about the resignation of Petrina and Joe is out. You can read about them from their very personalised blog – Petrina And Joe’s Morning Show Blog.

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Another Apology – to Joe Augustin

June 11, 2008 · Posted in Radio · Comment 

I have to admit I’m a really terrible person at names. After admitting to have called Petrina Kow by Patrina wrongly, I realised I have also mistakenly included an “e” to Joe’s last name, Augstin.

A so-called big of fan of Petrina and Joe, eh?

So, before I start finding more mistakes in my blog, I’d better do a spell check on every single word that I wrote here. Moreover, I definitely do not want to receive any unwanted letter on my door.

Having said that, I am extremely delighted to see Joe Augustin commenting on my blog site. It certainly came to me as a surprise, which I’ll to talk about shortly.

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Apology to Petrina Kow

June 11, 2008 · Posted in Radio · Comment 

Although being an avid fan of the Radio Station FM 91.3 morning show, it is so embarrassing that I actually got the Petrina’s name wrong. Well, luckily she did not sue me for defamation to her name, or status. Phew!

Hence, before I receive any further summon or issues, I’d better make an official (public) apology here. Now I’ll get your name right, Petrina Kow!

Coming up soon, on the next post about Joe and Petrina.

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