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Singapore FM 91.3 Hosts – Joe Augustine and Patrina Kow

June 6, 2008 · Posted in Radio · 2 Comments 

Media Corp Radio LogoOver the last couple of months, I will tune in to radio station, Singapore FM 91.3, to listen to my favourite hosts, Patrina Petrina Kow and Joe Augustin Augustine. Both of them were hilarious and never fail to make my day brightened up every single morning.

Last night, I received a sudden news broadcast over the station mentioning the sudden resignation of Patrina Petrina and Joe. I had a feeling something was not so right when Patrina Petrina announced two weeks ago that she’ll be going on leave for a week. The following week, I did not get to listen to her on air, and neither did Joe.

I was quite curious; now that the news was out, everyone was pretty upset with the sudden loss of these two fantastic hosts in the morning show. Now, the radio station “sucks” big time without them.

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