Spam 999 Calls

August 30, 2016 · Posted in Rant Corner · Comments Off on Spam 999 Calls 

Spam Calls

This morning, I have just received 2 spam calls from “999”. How do I know? Very simple, this is Singapore… those callers talked to me in Mainland China mandarin, as though Singaporean is illiterate.

Anyway, the numbers I have captured are:

  • +65 6086 5999
  • +65 6869 4999

Notice the “999” at the suffix of the numbers? Well, I’ll add to the list if I uncover more of such callers. Happy spamming back 🙂

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SIGNATURE at Yishun Price List

October 24, 2015 · Posted in Rant Corner · 1 Comment 

Signature at Yishun Price ListOn 24th of September, I happened to drop by one of the showrooms in Singapore, just to peek at how Executive Condominium looks like. The crowd was unbelievable huge and it seems that Singaporeans are quite loaded, instead of seeking a shelter from HDB (Housing Development Board), they are upgrading to move into condominium. 

Nevertheless, I took the opportunity to just browse around and took a snapshot of the price list how much it would cost for a unit… (click on the thumbnail on the right to see the details). Nowadays, an EC could easily go beyond S$1M!

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Hot Saturday Afternoon in June (2015)

June 27, 2015 · Posted in Rant Corner · Comments Off on Hot Saturday Afternoon in June (2015) 

What a Hot Afternoon

These days, waking up in the morning without air-conditioning in the house is a rare sight. Somehow, it appears that global warming has “reached” Singapore. The difference is significant. For instance, I kept my living room air-conditioned. The moment I opened the door into the kitchen, without even stepping into the kitchen itself, a gush of hot air blasted straight into my face. The feeling of the heat symbolises that of hot scorching sun in the African desert. As I am typing this post on my dining table in my living room; my air-conditioning unit is simply working hard to keep the house cool.

I hope this won’t last too long. The longer the dry spell, the higher possibility that haze will come soon… then it will be time to bring out my air purifier again.

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Some Light Thoughts in 2014

August 1, 2014 · Posted in Rant Corner · Comments Off on Some Light Thoughts in 2014 

My ThoughtsHow time flies… I have been introduced to blogging, by a friend from the United Kingdom nearly 9 years ago; and since then, I have never stopped writing posts to keep my interest going. The only difference between now and then was the available time to allow me to blog – I certainly had more time then. It was only during recent years that work has kept me extremely busy. However, you can’t help it sometimes; it’s the job that pays my bill!

In the past, I would write over 10 posts in a month, blogging everything under the sun, ranging from politics to entertainment and financial outlooks. However, I find it extremely challenging to even create one post a month. Tonight is no exception, just that I felt so guilty to myself that I have been ignoring this little interest in me…, such that I decided to pen down my thoughts.

Read more

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ERP Rates Increases to $6 for 4 Gantries

October 29, 2013 · Posted in Rant Corner · Comments Off on ERP Rates Increases to $6 for 4 Gantries 

Singapore ERP Gantry

Unbelievable! I just happened to browse the news on Google, and report has announced that Land Transport Authority (LTA) has increased the ERP rates for 4 CTE southbound gantries with effect from November 4th, 2013.

This is a decision taken after LTA has its quarterly review of traffic conditions on Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)-priced roads and expressways. Well, drivers just have to take extra note; either pay more to the government or take public transport if you intend to travel during the stipulated time.

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Rising Price of Car Wash

October 15, 2013 · Posted in Rant Corner · Comments Off on Rising Price of Car Wash 

Miss Singapore Car WashIt was quite some time back, supposedly 2 months ago, since I last have my car rinsed at a petrol kiosk. Hence, two days ago, I decided to give my car a good shower, and drove my car into Esso Petrol station in Tampines for a car wash. Well, I could not believe it, but a simple car wash that doesn’t take more than 5 minutes is now charged at $8 for a saloon car. Recalling my memory not long ago, perhaps, 1-2 years back, it was merely $6 (before they raised the price to $7).

Yes, it is due to economic inflation. Year on year, our economy inflation could go as high as 10%, but this increase is way above 14%, based on fixed currency rate. Furthermore, the quality of customer service hasn’t improved at all. Not that the service was bad, but the justification isn’t there for such an increase.

In spite of my rant on Esso, Shel and SPC aren’t any far better. It is known that he few major Petrol stations have concurrently increased the car wash pricing. Was there any non-compete agreement between them, I do not know. Nonetheless, I won’t be surprise anymore that we will have to pay $10 just for a couple of low-grade shampoo and few litres of water.

If anyone knows of any cheaper alternatives, please let me know. I can’t wait to ditch these major corporations.

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On An Untypical Sunday Afternoon in October

October 6, 2013 · Posted in Rant Corner · Comments Off on On An Untypical Sunday Afternoon in October 

SundayWeekend is the only where I really free myself from the corporate world and focus on relaxation, leisure, family time, entertainment, and most importantly of all, recharge my energy for the following week.

Usually, I would find myself either at the shopping mall, or having meals with family. But today has been the total opposite. I am at home almost the entire day, except going out to get my usual breakfast-cum-lunch, and then I simply laze around like a hippopotamus refusing to move my butt.

Furthermore, there is no sense of tiredness, as I had sufficient rest on Saturday, so that is definitely not to be an excuse. Just a untypical Sunday afternoon.

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PSI Health Safety Measurement

June 28, 2013 · Posted in Rant Corner · Comments Off on PSI Health Safety Measurement 

N95 Mask

The recent haze problem has caused a lot of awareness among public citizens in Singapore, especially when it set the record in the history of hitting 401 PSI last week. Below is a table displaying the PSI Value against the quality of the air in the atmosphere.

PSI Value
Air Quality
0 – 100
Good to Moderate
101 – 200
201 – 300
Very Unhealthy
Above 300

Singapore and some parts of Malaysia have experienced Hazardous air quality and government have asked the use of mask if needed. Most importantly, lots of business were affected, and schools have to be shut down.

Today, the situation have improved. It is now ranging between 50 and 100, which represents good to moderate air quality. Hopefully this continues and we should experience better as more rain comes along.

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