Rainy January in 2013

January 13, 2013 · Posted in Rant Corner · Comment 

20130113-145705.jpgFor the past 2 months, it has been raining relentlessly, like as though the world is reaching its end and trying to display its majestic elemental behavior with several flash floods and heavy snow around the world.

As far as my knowledge holds, I don’t recall any early snow in early December, except last month, where several temperate countries were experiencing the climate change, e.g. South Korea, Scotland, London, New York… There was also the expectation by followers of the Mayan calendar that the world will end for them (of course it didn’t).

Being able to “survive” through the forecasted predictions, be it geologically or traditionally, 2013 should spell a good head start to a great new year. However, there resets to be no stopping to all these extreme climate changes; heavy rains continue to pour in the month of January, even right now when I am typing this post.

Though it is a good time to stay indoor, I would not want my weekend to spend like this, knowing that I’m going back to work tomorrow. Well, pray hard for a good weather!

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An Insane Website – Girlfriend Hire

April 15, 2012 · Posted in Rant Corner · Comment 

Girlfriend HireI came across the most insane website (at least for me to date), is this GirlFriend Hire. I cannot imagine what the world has come to, but this is completely ridiculous.

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Typical Singaporean Mothers

February 7, 2012 · Posted in Rant Corner · 1 Comment 

Kiasu Parents on Youtube

A very interesting dialogue was recorded by 2 girls to illustrate the modern parents’ “kiasu” attitude in Singapore.

Well…, what do you think?

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Starhub Mobile Broadband – Poor Quality Connection at KK Hospital

November 10, 2011 · Posted in Rant Corner · Comment 

StarhubSubscribed to one of Starhub’s Mobile Broadband plans, I tried accessing Internet for the whole of today (including tonight) at KK Women and Children’s Hospital, but felt that the network quality is really bad.

Pages were taking minutes to load, and as if I have stepped backwards into the days of using dial-up connections. I would even say that my 56.6kps dial-up would have easily outperform this current wireless connection.

Well, one could argue that it may be due to the spot that I am located, which is blindsided from the access point. Or that, I could be located in a room that is shielding from electromagnetic interference. Unfortunately, it is not the case. Clearly, I am just sitting right beside the windows, where I have a clear line of sight of the road in front of the building.

This is utterly disappointing. Could Starhub be throttling my upload or download speed, which is something that have been used to doing so on wired platform?

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Won $30 dENiZEN Voucher

October 16, 2011 · Posted in Rant Corner · 2 Comments 

20111016-145452.jpgAbout 3 weeks ago, I bought a McDonald’s meal and was presented with this promotion. The restaurant was (and probably still on-going now) offering in conjunction with Monopoly to give its customers a chance to win prizes.

I was surprised when I tore off one of the tabs, which presented me with:


I was absolutely delighted. Now, the joy turns into disappointment after I visited the store itself…

At the dENiZEN (LEVI’s) store, I was greeted politely by the staff – I remembered that time I was at the Novena branch. The first thing she responded when I asked about the the redemption of the voucher was that I needed to choose a jean (which costs at least $80 and above) and is not valid for other products, apart from Jeans!!

What is that all about? Alright, so that $30 voucher is subject to terms and conditions… I simply walked out of that store immediately.

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Woodlands Causeway Traffic Always Jam

July 16, 2011 · Posted in Rant Corner · 2 Comments 

Causeway Traffic image taken on Saturday morning of July 2011

I was thinking of going to Malaysia for a trip this morning; therefore the first thing I went to check on the Internet is the traffic condition at the Woodlands Causeway Checkpoint (see image above). The photo was taken at 11:23hrs on the 16th of July – yes, it may be slightly late in the morning. However, when I initially checked the Internet, it was around 7am in the morning.

What a disappointment. From the analysis and past experience, I know that I’m going to be stuck there in the jam on fewer than 2 hours. Decided that the time is best spent elsewhere, I gave up the thought of driving across the straits to our neighbour. Next step, perhaps just drive around Singapore to see what’s good for breakfast.

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Guilty of No Post

June 30, 2011 · Posted in Rant Corner · 1 Comment 

Dog with a guilty lookDue to the tight busy schedule, I am guilty of not making sufficient post to my own blog site. As a result, I suppose this month of June (of 2011) has only one post – which is this one.

I intend to keep the ball rolling, of course. Hopefully, in the coming weeks (or days, I should say), I should make myself more “useful” to contribute to my own junkyard site.

Nevertheless, it’s 2 minutes before midnight (and before it turns July), I had better make this post quick! Happy evening 🙂

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Google AdSense Earning Decreasing In Recent Weeks of 2011

April 12, 2011 · Posted in Rant Corner · 2 Comments 

Thumbs Down

I have been noticing that the average Google AdSense earnings has declined over the recent weeks. I am not sure if that is the same situation with all you Publishers of the Great Google.

Perhaps, I should start to rethink on how to contribute more to the blog posts, as well as, generate further income to supplement all these hostings that I have.

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