Rebuilding of HostMatrix Forums – Back to the Future

May 21, 2008 · Posted in Social Networking 

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One week has passed, we (members of HostMatrix Forums) have come to realised the truth and the fact that the data that the forums has accumulated over the last 3 years are not going to return. This is a simple evidence of how vulnerable a web site or data can be, even with the safest precaution that any webmaster could thought that have already taken care of.

Back to reality, the forums is starting from scratch; not exactly true, but somewhere starting from year 2005. That was even before the time I joined HostMatrix, as my account was nowhere to be found. However, having fostered good friendship with some members in the community, I am not going to let this go, so I am back to the site again, somewhat helping with the rebuilding of the site in certain way.

The beginning phase is going to be difficult, but the future is bright. The posts are starting to pour in every single day, since a new theme is now in place, with the vBulletin version upgraded to the latest release. Hence, it won’t be long before HostMatrix is back running at full force again.

Just in case, if any competitor attempt to take down the site; just a thought, it’s people’s power. Not system-power. Members of HostMatrix will remain here with the community. It’s the closeness of the people around us that matters.

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