Recommended Food for Different Blood Group Women

June 5, 2008 · Posted in TJC Related 

Red Blood CellsSent to me via email by a college friend of mine, this is a good list of recommended food for various blood group women. Not sure how true this might be, but probably could be worth a try.

Type O Blood

Around 40,000 BC, our first human ancestors began hunting and gathering, existing mainly on meat. On a mostly carnivorous diet, they evolved to have high stomach-acid content, which enabled them to efficiently digest meat protein. Type O women today still harbor the DNA that enables them to thrive on meat.

  • Best Dietary Staples: Eating a low-carbohydrate, meat-rich diet will help stabilize weight for women with type O blood; while avoiding wheat will prevent allergy like reaction that slows thyroid function in type O women.

Type A Blood

The Neolithic Period between 25,000 and 15,000 BC saw an increase in population and game grew scarce. People began forming large communities and cultivating crops. As their blood type evolved to adapt to this dietary change, their bodies produced fewer meat-digesting acids and enzymes and more grain- and plant-digesting enzymes. Type A antigens also allowed for a stronger immune system to protect the people who lived in groups.

  • Best Dietary Staples: To this day, type A women thrive on grains, beans, vegetables, fruit and soy, with limited amounts of fish and fowl. And avoiding red meat helps prevent allergy-like food reactions with type A antigens.

Type B Blood

Somewhere around 10,000 BC, tribes began migrating north to colder inland territories due to climate changes and growing population. These nomads became dependent on domesticating animals. In response, their DNA evolved to produce more meat- and dairy-digesting enzymes while reducing levels of the digestive enzymes needed for grains, soy and other foods that were less available in this new habitat.

  • Best Dietary Staples: Type B women thrive on the flexible eating plan of their nomadic ancestor: Meat, fish, dairy, fruits and veggies, with limited amounts of grains, brans and soy. But avoid wheat and corn which were rarely available in nomadic tribes.

Type AB Blood

Blood type AB is the most recently blood group which emerged around 12,000 years ago as communities spread and type As and Bs (who were originally geographically isolated) intermingled and reproduced. “As a result, AB is the most complex blood type since it harbors both A and B antigens,” explains Dr. D’Adamo.

  • Best Dietary Staples: Type AB women should utilize the best of the type A and type B eating plans. This calls for a healthy mix of fish, soy, some meat and dairy, fruits, vegetables, lentils and peanuts.

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