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Recovery from Fever

August 5, 2009 · Posted in Rant Corner 

Medical DoctorOver the last 7 days, I wasn’t feeling the best of health. It all started on a Wednesday afternoon. I felt a little uncomfortable during the late afternoon, but did not realise that it turned out to be worse on the following morning.

I had to see a doctor from my home clinic that (Thursday) morning, despite going to work earlier at 7am. Situation was not any better on Friday.

On Saturday morning, my temperature rose to 39.5 degree Celsius. It was probably not something common and I took the decision to see the doctor at the hospital. Since then, with the prescribed medicine from the hospital, I recovered quicker. Furthermore, I was given an entire week of hospitalisation leave.

Now, I’m feeling much better. It just doesn’t feel good to be falling sick, and it can be really costly.

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